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Everywhere I go I see beauty, and it has always been my desire to capture it on film.

God's world is a wonderfully beautiful place. I don't think that there has ever been a time in my life when I did not look upon nature in awe, in everything from majestic mountains at sunrise to the tears of a child. Images abound everywhere that strike at my heartstrings, and my ultimate desire is to capture it's essence on film. My goal is to produce pictures that cause an emotional response; a moment that shows nature, humanity, and beauty; a tiny slice of the energy of life captured forever on a simple piece of paper that has the power to stir emotion again and again just by sight. Like a wave of emotion from the past, frozen in place, that is released again to rock your boat in the present, and maybe even affect your direction a little.

Naturally, I don't ever expect to achieve these effects that I desire. At least not to my liking, and certainly not within my lifetime. But that may be in part because as an artist, I am the most critical of my own works - I am never pleased with the outcome. That and, of course, my own lack of grace that gets in the way. Usually, after development, I find that I have not chosen the best composition. Or the exposure didn't have the effect that I expected it to have. Or the colors didn't reproduce the way I had hoped. Or I choose the wrong medium altogether. Or worse yet, I bumped the tripod just before I pressed the button...

Here is where I stash some of what I consider to be my better works. Please feel free to look around. I hope to be able to update this page often.

So who is this guy,

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Fall In The Smokies 1998
Gateway Getaway 1999
Sarah And Brian Blake
Jennifer and Scott Duke-Sylvester
Kim And Jason Peek
Abby And Joel Bender
Melanie and Chris Coward
Madison LeAnn Peek
Dogwood Trail 1998
Knoxville's Old City
More Madison
Madison At The Zoo

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