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French Broad River

Barnard To Stackhouse

April 29, 2007: Adam, Jenny, and Me!

First trip with waterproof camera, thus the trip must have happened. Hit the river at around 2pm, got off around 7pm. Last to leave the parking lot at Stackhouse. Why does everyone else go so fast? Sandy Bottom was fun, as always. Flows was moderate/low registering 1600 cfs/1.75ft at Marshall, NC

Ocoee River

#2 Dam to #2 Powerhouse

May 6, 2007: Adam, Biff, Joane (briefly) and Me!

Second trip down the Ocoee. Tried out the movie function on the camera towards the end. Quite a number of flips, but no swimming on my part. Adam got sucked in pretty good hole at one point but Biff came to the rescue. After a bit of a key "issue" we finally made it back to Knoxville 'round midnight.

Aug 9, 2007: Adam, Biff, and Me!

nth time down the Ocoee. Lots of playing and short lines down at hell hole made for our best day on that river.

Clear Creek River

Feb 18, 2008: Adam, Biff, Jenny, and Me!

Take out on planned route on Obed was blocked off until April 1. Hit much quieter sections of Clear Creek instead. Still a beautiful day. Don't think I flipped once unintentionally.

Big South Fork River

Feb 24, 2008: Adam, Biff, and Me!

Second time down the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. Flipped so many times I felt a bit like hamburger. Played until our arms felt like they'd fall off. Swam twice. Cold and exhausting, but great.

Little River

Mar 9, 2008: Adam, Biff, and Me!

Second time down the Little River, first time for the three amigos. We each flipped a few times but no swimming (too damn cold).

Little River

Mar 21, 2008: Adam, Rachel, and Me!

Rachel's first time down the Little River. More swimming than one would like, but still had a great day.

Ocoee River

April 13, 2008: Biff, Jenny, and Me!

First time down the Ocoee this year for Jenny and me. Biff's second time. We were flipping over like a window shade and had a little collision at Hell Hole, but no swimming and great fun. Seeing Biff surf at HH makes it clear he's getting used to his new boat.

Cheoah River

April 19, 2008: Adam, Jenny, and Me!

First time down the Cheoah for Jenny and I. Adam's second. Ran the top, middle, and bottom. Release was about 1000cfs plus another 100-200 from the recent rain. This is a very different river. Lots of trees at the top, a 12 ft drop at Bear Creek Falls, and a relentless series of squirrelly rapids at the end. Swimming is not an option.

Gauley River, WV

Oct 18 & 19: Adam, Biff, John and Me!

Adam, Biff, and I tackled the upper Gauley on Sat at low flow. Ran into one raft and was grateful for the suggestions from their fearless leader, Mogul, on shooting the rapids. After intense soul searching at Bob Evans on Sunday morning we opted to do the middle and lower Gauley. Good decision. First, we wouldn't have met John. Second, the holes were still big and hungry on the lower part but the surf spots sweet and sticky. Mmmmmm… <\p>

Little River and Treemont River in GSMNP

Jan 10: Adam, Biff, Jenny, and Me!

We all tackled the Little starting below the Sinks. It was a medium flow. Very nice Everyone did the elbow, Adam was so bold he did it backwards. After that Adam, Biff, and I ran the Treemont river, which was a bit scrapy and scary. Jenny took the fab pictures and I lost my boat while getting out on shore. <\p>

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