m Course Information & Documents

Course Information & Documents

EEB 603: Spring 2007: Ecology & Evolution of Emerging Infectious Diseases



2/21/07--Note that Dr. Graham Hickling and Dr. Pam Small have switched dates.


Jan 25: Dr. Michael Gilchrist

Feb 1: Dr. Michael Gilchrist

Feb 8: Dr. Paul Ewald

This week's readings include a series of blog exchanges starting here and continuing here, here and finally (as far as I can tell) here.
The articles being discussed are Gibbs and Soares in Scientific American and an LA Times Op-Ed piece Orent (2006)
Additionally, Ewald requested you read,
  • Ewald, P. W. 2005 . Gauging the threats: A conceptual framework for prioritizing research directed toward intervention. pp. 453-470, in Emerging Neurological Infections. C. Power, R. T. Johnson, eds.Taylor & Francis: Boca Raton.
  • Student Questions
Also, remember that Darwin Day Celebrations start next week. I encourage you to check them out. Info on Ewald's other talk and Dr. Nesse's talk as part of the Darwin Day Celebrations can be found at eeb.bio.utk.edu/darwin/

Feb 15: Dr. Lou Gross

Feb 22: Dr. Janis Antonovics

March 1: Dr. Pam Small

March 8: Dr. Graham Hickling

March 22: Dr. Parviez Hosseini

March 29: Dr. Colin Parrish

April 5: Dr. Tomas Martin-Jimenez

April 12: Individual Meetings with Students to Discuss Papers

April 19: Dr. Scott Schlarbaum

April 26: Dr. Kevin G. Smith

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