MATH 152 - SPRING 2005 - Extra Credit Opportunity

To allow individuals who did not perform as well as they would have liked on the last two exams in this course, students who are not satisfied with their score on Exams 2 and 3 have the option to increase the grade on EACH exam by up to 15 points by doing the following:

Carry out all of the below mentioned portions of the exam using the program Maple. Use any appropriate commands in Maple you wish. Provide a print-out of all the Maple commands you use as well as the answers Maple provides. To receive credit towards this, you must do BOTH EXAMS. For Exam #2 do all of the exam except Problems #3 and #5. For Exam #3 do all of the problems except Problems #4 and #5.

This option will be all-or-nothing (e.g. you get 15 points added to each of your grades for Exams 2 and 3 if you turn in the project with essentially everything done correctly). You may work in a group to do this, but you must state who was in the group and each individual must provide a print-out of the results.

Due Date: Tuesday April 26 in your recitation class - note that we will NOT accept these late.

  • Exam 2 is here as a PDF file
  • Exam 3 is here as a PDF file