A comprehensive, shared scientific database

"The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program is a significant effort to compile

and integrate a very large body of spatial and temporal information

covering approximately 80,000 square miles. It is the first of its

kind to organize a detailed, environmentally oriented, digital geographic

database set over an entire ecoregion. As articulated in the

accomplishments outlined above, MDEP is instrumental in providing

dynamic, sustainable, land management decision-making at the ecosystem

level. Its numerous geospatial databases and partnerships, developed

throughout the implementation of the program, provides land managers

in the region a platform from which to successfully sustain long-term

mission accomplishment in the face of encroachment, funding uncertainties,

and deteriorating natural resources. "


Use geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing,

environmental modeling, and internet mapping to help better

address resource, environmental and socio-economic issues.


Decision Support Systems for Natural Resource Decisions


A simulator for activated sludge processes with nitrogen removal


This site serves as a front end for a large database of ichthyological information.


Here is a website from Yale University's Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Science. 

There are three computational science models available.


USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) Data Retrieval

FIA - The FIA program is the only entity that conducts comprehensive forest

resource inventories on both public and private lands in the United States.

FIA provides continuous evaluation and analyses of the resources on a

national,statewide and regional scale and special study areas as well as

contributing valuable support to national analyses, using national standards.

FIA has developed the only nationwide forest resource data, based on

permanent sample plots in every state and U.S. territory. A modernized

delivery system is being used to provide access to FIA information, and

allowing flexible user-specified tables to be generated over an Internet site


A metasearch Engine