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This collection of Pages concerning general undergraduate biology curriculum reform has been organized by Susan Harrell and Monica Beals under the supervision of Louis Gross at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with support from the National Science Foundation Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Program through Award DUE-9752339, "Alternative Routes to Quantitative Literacy for the Life Sciences".

General Biology Reform

Beyond Bio 101 : HHMI's summary report of changes in Undergraduate Biology Education.

Student Active Science: Saunders College Publications guide to change the way college students learn, from problem & project based learning to improving quantitative skills.

Drexel University's Enhanced Bioscience Education Program : Major revisions in undergraduate education at Drexel University.

Workshop Biology - A project from the University of Oregon designed to improve biology teaching for non-science majors.

TheBiology Project : University of Arizona's online resource designed to integrate interactive learning with general biology.

ASlice of Life: Northern Arizona University's site dedicated to increase the scientific literacy of undergraduate non-biology majors.

Curriculum Guidelines : American Society for Microbiology's recommendations for undergraduate microbiology curriculum.

Project Kaleidoscope(PKAL): Workshops on biology and science reform as well as other educational issues.

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium: Workshops on reform in undergraduate biology.

Ecology workshop: Workshop on exercises and ideas for involving undergraduates in ecology class.

Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE): Workshop proceedings on teaching biology in a laboratory setting.

Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences (CELS)

Unofficial Biology Teachers Home Page

National Association of Biology Teachers

CTI Biology: Promotes the use of learning technology in life sciences teaching

Biolab Home Page: Biolab is an informal discussion page of issues and information related to college biology teaching.

Integrating Mathematics into Undergraduate Education

Mathematics Across the Curriculum : Dartmouth College's Mathematics Across the Curriculum.

Mathematics Across the Curriculum : University of Nevada's Mathematics Across the Curriculum.

Biocalculus:Lectures on calculus for life science majors at Florida State University

Population Biology Mini-Primer: Links to biomathematics education as well as topics in genetics and evolution.

Mathematics and Biology: The interface: Workshop summary on the impacts of mathematics on biology.

Mathematical Biology Pages: Brandeis University's page of interactive examples.

Quantitative Biology Labs: Utah State University's interactive quantitative biology pages for students.

Virtual Plant Lab: Cornell's computer simulation model of plant growth as a learning tool for students.

Unit Conversion Handbook: Explanations, examples, and problems on converting units (pdf file).

Statistics and Math Appendix for UTK Cell Biology: Appendix to accompany lab manual; includes reviews on basic statistics and some useful mathematical formulas.

Science and Mathematics Education

National Association for Research in Science Teaching

NSF Division of Undergraduate Education Home Page

1996 Awards: NSF awards for undergraduate science education reform

CCD Awards: NSF awards for Course and Curriculum development in undergraduate education.

Case Studies in Science: SUNY's site devoted to teaching science using actual case studies.

Access Excellence: A guide and resource for science teachers, mainly K-12.

Center for Advanced Instructional Media: Yale University's center to develop innovative multimedia programs for higher education.

Links to More Links on Science Resources and Education

Science Internet Resources

Wadsworth Biology Resource Center: InstructorResources

Access Excellence: Biology Hotlist

"Hot" Biology Web Sites


Case Studies in Science: Related Sites

Educational Courses on the Web

SciEd - Science and Mathematics Education Resources

WWW in Biology

List of WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists


Miningco: Links to a wide variety of biology and science topics.

Internet Scout Project: Weekly report of current sources available on the internet. Searchable database.









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