Known typos in "Fitness Landscapes and the Origin of Species"

April 23, 2005

p.56, last paragraph, in the middle: "Box 3.3 presents..." should read "Box 3.2 also presents..."

p.57, last paragraph, just above eq.3.6 should read "... in Boxes 3.2 and 3.3 ..."

p.105, 2nd paragraph, last sentence: should read "... few paragraphs will..."

p.189: equation 6.50 misses a plus sign in front of gamma.

p.199, 1st paragraph: the number of loci used was 384 (which is 64 times 6).

p.243 and 244: in the legends of Fig.8.3 and 8.4: allele frequencies are given by circles whereas the variances are given by crosses.

p.270: equation 8.36 misses the minus sign between y and x1 and between y and x2

p.273-274: The first line below eq.8.41 should end with "...values of z." Above eq. 8.40
and above eq. 8.41:  f(R) should be change to F(R). Above eq.8.41 (two occasions) and in
equation 8.43: V_R should be changed to V_F.

p.276, last paragraph: f(z) should be changed to phi(z)

p.301, 2nd line after eq.9.28: "\rho < 1" should be "\rho \approx 1"