Gavrilets, S., and Hastings, A. 1994. ``A quantitative genetic model for selection on developmental noise.'' Evolution 48: 1478-1486.


We propose a simple model for analyzing the effects of microenvironmental variation in quantitative genetics. Our model assumes that the sensitivity of the phenotype to fluctuations in microenvironment has a genetic basis and allows for genetic correlation between trait value and microenvironmental sensitivity. We analyze the effects of short-term stabilizing and directional selection on the genotypic and microenvironmental components of phenotypic variance. Our model predicts that stabilizing selection on a quantitative trait increases developmental canalization. We show that stabilizing selection can result in an \bf{increase}\rm\ in the heritability. Our findings may provide an explanation for the results of selection experiments in which artificial stabilizing selection did not change the heritability coefficient or increased it.