Gavrilets, S., and M.B. Cruzan 1998. ``Neutral gene flow across single locus clines'' Evolution 52 : 1277-1284 (Maple notebook)


We study the strength of the genetic barrier to neutral gene flow in a general one-locus, two-allele model that includes viability selection as well as fertility selection and premating isolation. Our theoretical results suggest that selection against hybrid formation in the form of fertility selection or assortative mating is more effective in preventing introgression of neutral alleles than is reduction in hybrid viability. We argue that in experimental studies of introgression testing of F1 hybrids is as important as testing of parental forms. To illustrate the utility of this approach we estimate the strength of the barrier to neutral gene flow between Piriqueta caroliniana and P. viridis, between Iris hexagona and I. fulva, and between Chorthippus brunneus and C. bigguttulus.