Electronic Appendix for Gavrilets&Vose "Dynamic patterns of adaptive radiation"

June 1, 2005

Summary of simulation runs

Expanation of the graphical output

Gaussian selection (sigma=.354),m=1,mu=10^{-5}, up to 100,000 generations
Varying parameters: system size, number of loci (L), local extinction rate (_x)

8x8, L=4,_x=0
8x8, L=4,_x=0.0025
8x8, L=4,_x=0.01
8x8, L=4,_x=0.04

16x16, L=4,_x=0
16x16, L=4,_x=0.0025
16x16, L=4,_x=0.01
16x16, L=4,_x=0.04

32x32, L=4,_x=0
32x32, L=4,_x=0.0025
32x32, L=4,_x=0.01
32x32, L=4,_x=0.04

8x8, L=8,_x=0
8x8, L=8,_x=0.0025
8x8, L=8,_x=0.01
8x8, L=8,_x=0.04

16x16, L=8,_x=0
16x16, L=8,_x=0.0025
16x16, L=8,_x=0.01
16x16, L=8,_x=0.04

32x32, L=8,_x=0
32x32, L=8,_x=0.0025
32x32, L=8,_x=0.01
32x32, L=8,_x=0.04

8x8, L=16,_x=0
8x8, L=16,_x=0.0025
8x8, L=16,_x=0.01
8x8, L=16,_x=0.04

16x16, L=16,_x=0
16x16, L=16,_x=0.0025
16x16, L=16,_x=0.01
16x16, L=16,_x=0.04

32x32, L=16,_x=0
32x32, L=16,_x=0.0025
32x32, L=16,_x=0.01
32x32, L=16,_x=0.04