Speciation&adaptive radiation series

Fall 2006, EEB 607, section 006, 1 credit hour

Instructor: Sergey Gavrilets (4-8136; gavrila@tiem.utk.edu)

Friday 12:20-1:10, Dabney 575

web page:   http://www.tiem.utk.edu/~gavrila/607.html

This fall our traditional Friday speciation seminar (12:20-1:10) will be on
"Hot topics in speciation/diversification" (as seen by Nature, Science,
PLOS, and PNAS). We will be discussing papers published very recently
(last year or two).

Organizational meeting: Friday, August 25th, 12:20, Dabney 575

Class format:

The discussion leader:
- identifies (in consultation with the instructor and/or other faculty) and distributes additional reading (1 paper) by Monday;
- prepares a powerpoint presentation (all figures and tables from the main paper and its Supplementary Material must be included);
- distributes participants' comments (see below) to the list by 9:00 am Friday morning;
- makes the presentation and leads the discussion
- summarizes the participants' comments

- read the paper(s) and write 3 short paragraphs on
       1) what I like about the paper
       2) what I don't like about the paper
       3) what makes this paper "hot"
- email his/her comments to the discussion leader and the instructor by 5:00pm Thursday (subject line: "EEB607"; plain ascii text only! no attachments!)
- actively participate in the discussions

discussion leader
main paper
Jason  Leonard
Qvarnström et al. additional reading is here
Rick Dilling
Patterson et al.
additional reading is here
Matt Valente Rieseberg et al.
send comments to Joe Williams; additional reading is here
Carrie Eaton
Novotny et al.
send comments to Carrie and Ben Fitzpatrick
Matt Niemiller
Wright et al.
send comments to Matt and Jim Fordyce
Graham Reynolds
Mavarez et al.
additional reading is here and here and here
no classes - Fall Break

Kerry Hansknecht Grant&Grant
additional reading is here and here
Barry DeRennaux
Woods et al. additional reading is here and here
Premal Shah
Bascompte et al.
additional reading is here and here
Matt and Graham (Ben)
Carrie,  Barry and Rick (Sergey)
Scheffer&van Nes
no classes - Thanksgiving Break

Jason, Kerry, Premal (Joe&Jim&Mike)
Whibley et al. additional reading is here and here

Some papers to choose from 
(Note that pdf's can be accessed via online text)

Ortiz-Barrientos and Noor (2005) "Evidence for a one-allele assortative mating locus"
       Science  310:1467  (online text

Whibley et al. (2006) "Evoutionary paths underlying flower color variation in Antirrhinum"
       Science 313: 963-966 (online text)

Bascompte et al.  (2006) "Asymmetric Coevolutionary Networks Facilitate Biodiversity Maintenance"
       Science 312: 431-433  (online text)

Maharjan et al. (2006) "Clonal Adaptive Radiation in a Constant Environment"
       Science 313: 514-517 (online text)

Grant&Grant (2006) "Evolution of Character Displacement in Darwin's Finches"
       Science 313: 224-226 (online text)

Condit et al. (2006) "The Importance of Demographic Niches to Tree Diversity"
       Science 313: 98-101 (online text)

Davidson& Erwin (2006) "Gene Regulatory Networks and the Evolution of Animal Body Plans"
        Science 311: 796-800  (online text)
       Coyne's comment (online text), Erwin&Davidson's reply (online text)

Novotny et al. (2006) "Why Are There So Many Species of Herbivorous Insects in Tropical Rainforests?"
       Science 313: 1115-1118 (online text)

Qvarnström et al. (2006) "Testing the genetics underlying the co-evolution of mate choice and ornament in the wild"
       Nature 441: 84-86 (online text)

Patterson et al (2006) "Genetic evidence for complex speciation of humans and chimpanzees"
       Nature 441: 1103-1108
(online text)

Mavarez et al. (2006)
"Speciation by hybridization in Heliconius butterflies"
       Nature 441: 868-871 (online text)

Rieseberg et al. (2006) "The nature of plant species"
       Nature 440: 524-527 (online text)

Hughes&Eastwood (2006) "Island radiation on a continental scale: Exceptional rates
of plant diversification after uplift of the Andes"
       PNAS 103: 10334-10339
(online text)

Nosil&Crespi (2006) "Experimental evidence that predation promotes divergence in adaptive radiation"
       PNAS 103: 9090-9095 (online text)  

Woods et al. (2006) "
Tests of parallel molecular evolution in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli
      PNAS 103: 9107-9112 (online text)  

Wright et al. (2006) "
The road from Santa Rosalia: A faster tempo of evolution in tropical climates
       PNAS 103: 7718-7722 (online text)

Sinervo et al. (2006) "
Self-recognition, color signals, and cycles of greenbeard mutualism and altruism"
      PNAS 103: 7372-7377 (online text)

Kronforst et al. (2006) "Linkage of butterfly mate preference and wing color preference cue at the genomic location of wingless"
      PNAS 103: 6575-6580 (online text)

Scheffer&van Nes (2006) "
Self-organized similarity, the evolutionary emergence of groups of similar species"
      PNAS 103: 6230-6235 (online text)