International Conference on Mathematics and Biology and Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology 2002 in Knoxville, Tennessee

Interdisciplinary Connections in Living Systems

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The National Institutes of Health (Short Course sponsor)

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CONFERENCE ATTENDEES PLEASE NOTE: The Conference will begin with breakfast starting at 8AM on Saturday July 13 on the 4th floor of the UT Conference Center (600 Henley Street, across from the new Convention Center and the Sunsphere). Those staying at the Hilton or Holiday Inn should just walk to the Conference Center from your hotel (across the street in each case). For those staying at Morrill Hall and the Days Inn, you can walk if you wish, but we will have vans leaving Morrill Hall, stopping at the Days Inn, and going to the Conference Center. Vans will leave Morrill at 8:00AM, 8:10AM, 8:20Am and 8:30AM, arriving at the Days Inn approximately 5 minutes after each of these times. Vans will return to these locations at the end of the poster session that evening as well. The weather will likely be quite warm with daytime highs 90F and nighttime lows 70F. Most attendees will be wearing informal attire.

To get from the airport to your hotel, you should either take a limo or a taxi. The hotels have free parking. If you are driving to the Conference Center and not staying at a hotel, park in the UT Locust Street garage which is located on Locust Street diagonally across the street from the Conference Center.

Detailed information about Morrill Hall Dormitory, including driving directions are given here.




We are pleased to announce that the Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology will be held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville from 13-16 July 2002 in conjunction with an International Conference on Mathematics and Biology. The theme of the Conference is "Interdisciplinary Connections in Living Systems". The Scientific Committee for the Meeting includes Linda Allen, Warren Ewens, Leon Glass, Bryan Grenfell, Leah Keshet, Nancy Kopell, Simon Levin, Mark Lewis, George Oster and Dewitt Sumners. The local organizing committee includes Louis Gross (Chair), Sergey Gavrilets, Eunok Jung, Suzanne Lenhart, Vladimir Protopopescu and Ed Uberbacher. This meeting is hosted by the Division of Biology, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The Institute for Environmental Modeling and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Tennessee and the Biological and Environmental Sciences Directorate and the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Plenary Speakers: Sally Blower, Lisa Fauci, Michael Miller, Roger Nisbet, Lee Segel, Simon Tavare'

Banquet Speaker: Avner Friedman

Mini-Symposia and Chairs: Cancer Modeling (Robert Gatenby), Computational Biofluid Dynamics (Eunok Jung), Education (John Jungck), Evolutionary Theory (Warren Ewens and Sergey Gavrilets), Infectious Diseases and the Evolution of Drug Resistance (Sally Blower), Structured Population and Community Modeling and Ecotoxicology in Honor of Tom Hallam's 65th Birthday (Linda Allen)

Symposia speakers include: Azmy Ackleh, Linda Allen, Janet Andersen, Charles Babbs, Meghan Burke, Tom Chou, James Cushing, Stephen Ellner, Aaron Fogelson, Jennifer Foss, Simon Frost, Robert Gatenby, Sergey Gavrilets, Edward Givelberg, Mansoor Haider, Alan Hastings, Shandelle Henson, Paul Joyce, Bas Kooijman, Mark Kot, Steve Krone, Suzanne Lenhart, Howard Levine, Tom Lietman, Michael Lynch, David M. McQueen, Patrick Nelson, Kevin Painter, Travis Porco, Bruce Rannala, Tim Secomb, Jorge Velasco-Hernandez, John Wakeley, Bruce Walsh

The Conference will be preceded by a short course on the mathematics of biological complexity, designed for biologists. Submissions of abstracts for contributed talks and posters will be accepted until April 30. Full details regarding the Conference will be available after March 22 at this site. We anticipate the availability of funding to provide partial financial support for attendance, particularly for graduate students and young researchers. Details on the application procedure for graduate students to apply for Landahl Travel Grants from the Society for Mathematical Biology are available at the SMB Home Page. Young researchers are encouraged to sign up for the SMB mentoring program in order to optimize their Conference experience, details of which are at the SMB Mentoring Home Page. Pending funding, we expect to have additional funding available to support attendance at the Conference - details will be posted to this site as they become available.

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