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 2002 Short Course

Introduction to the Mathematics of Biological Complexity: July 12, 2002
-- In conjunction with Conference on Mathematics and Biology - SMB Annual Meeting 2002

The short course leaders were : Dr. Holly Gaff, Dr. Louis Gross, Dr. Suzanne Lenhart, and Dr. Jason Wolf

The objective of this short course is to attract biologists who would benefit from a broad overview of modern quantitative techniques that appear again and again in many biological contexts. This Short Course is designed as a very quick introduction to the material previously presented in a longer course. For an overview of the types of material we will summarize, see Previous Short Courses (described below) with emphasis on the information on Course 1. The course should be particularly beneficial to biologists, MDs, and other life science researchers and students who would like to establish collaborations with more quantitatively-trained colleagues, or are pursuing these collaborations now. Detailed contents of the Course will be set up based in part upon the research interests of attendees. All Short Course attendees are expected to stay for the Conference, as it will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to confer with many leading mathematical biologists and possibly foster new collaborations.

This is a set of links for material related to the short course presented at the 2002 SMB annual meeting on July 12, 2002, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Short Course Lecture Schedule Adobe PDF file -- Postscript file
Lecture by Lou Gross - Introduction to Biocomplexity Powerpoint file
Lecture by Lou Gross - Overview of Modeling in Biology Adobe PDF file
Lecture by Holly Gaff - Ordinary Differential Equations and an Introduction to Dynamical Systems Adobe PDF file -- Postscript file
Lecture by Jason Wolf - Genetics and Evolution Powerpoint file
Lecture by Lou Gross - Introduction to Agent-based models Powerpoint file
Lab session code - Holly Gaff(Maple) introduction.mws
Lab session code - Holly Gaff(Maple) dynamical.mws
Lab session link - EcoBeaker Website
Summary report of Course (Text file)

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