Educational Components

WORKSHOP: Computational Science for Natural Resource Managers

General Comments on Educational Component

Based upon our experiences in working with resource managers on the ATLSS project and others, we are not naive enough to believe that it will be a simple task for them to acknowledge the importance and utility of the approaches we intend to develop. We offered a seminar course for students and local resource managers during Fall 2005 to provide them how computational methods are applicable to resource management. This attracted a wide mixture of graduate students from numerous departments including Math, Computer Science, Ecology, Wildlife and Geography. Also we offered "Computational Science Workshop for Natural Resource Managers" Spring 2006. ( The workshop provided a rapid introduction to the application of computational approaches to the problems and practices associated with managing natural resources including harvest regulation, control of invasive species, fire management, disease ecology, and scenario analysis. The workshop was led by a group of distinguished faculty with broad expertise in computational science and biological modeling. The workshop included hands-on sessions with computational tools in addition to formal lectures and discussion sessions.